Looking at Languages: A Workbook in Elementary Linguistics

This workbooks is an excellent resource for students to get hands-on practice in linguistics - with sound files available on the website. It includes many exercises in many languages, including Na'vi (language created by Frommer for the movie Avatar); great variety of exercises, in progression of level of challenge; excellent data to analyze; division into English and non-English sections; organized so it can accompany any Intro to Linguistics textbook.Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

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Former Dept. of Linguistics

Led by Bernard Comrie, the Department of Linguistics studies the diversity of human language and the historical processes underlying this diversity. The researchers are interested in “language universals”, i.e. properties that are common to all human languages, and “language typology”, i.e. properties in which languages differ from each other. Why are language universals and cross-linguistic variation the way they are? To this end, various phenomena across a wide range of languages are studied, and reference is made to formal properties of language, to the cognitive bases of languages, and to aspects of language in use. Grammatical and lexical features are studied, taking into account regional peculiarities, therefore, field work is an important tool of linguistic research.

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Alphabet of Onomatopoeia

Boom! Behold an alphabetic ode to onomatopoeia, from Achoo! to Zip! Illustrating everything from Growls and Meows to Fizzles and Sizzles, this whimsical wall art brings a playful corner of linguistics to life via evocative illustrations that really sing. It’s bound to become your new favorite Pop! Chart. Available for preorder.  Begins shipping 19 March.

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Aboriginal languages in Darwin prison

Aboriginal languages in Darwin prisonDr John MansfieldLecturer in linguistics, The University of Melbourne Honorary Fellow, Northern Institute, Charles Darwin UniversityAbstractDarwin is a meeting place of many Aboriginal languages and cultures. This is true not just of Darwin’s urban areas and coastal parks, but also of Darwin prison, where the majority of some 1000 prisoners

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35 years of Cognitive Linguistics Session 1: Introduction

What is this course about? It’s an introduction to Cognitive Linguistics. Cognitive Linguistics = the study of language in terms of cognitive processes such as categorization, schematization, analogy, ... You will find out about the assumptions and goals of Cognitive Linguistics, its main research themes, how the field has developed since its inception.

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Linguistics symposium rethinks communities of language

The second annual Sociolinguistics Symposium will take place on Feb. 27 at the Foreign Languages Building with a renewed focus on studying bilingualism and speech communities. SOSY is a graduate student-run symposium meant to provide graduate students a forum to present and discuss their research related to sociolinguistics and to showcase other work in the...

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