The Daily Alchemy of Translation

What is translation if not an intimate act between two people, away from the eyes of the world? It might be the mirth of two sisters, suppressed at table: a mutual tautening, hands flitting to faces until the effect of the secret subsides. It might be an embrace. It might even be an angry struggle. The nature of the relationship between translator and writer depends on the text. But it is always a close one. I wanted Sylwia Siedlecka—whose circumstances seemed so near my own: she was about my age, also a linguist and an academic—to teach me the balancing act she had already mastered, wanted to get inside her defter imagination to plumb my own heartbreak. I decided to translate her book.

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7 Mind blowing facts you never knew about translation!

Undoubtedly, language plays a pivotal role in our everyday lives. We use language to interact and engage with one another. Recent studies suggested that all human languages arose from a common language spoken by our ancestors in Africa. Probably, human languages started to develop nearly 200,000 years ago. There are more than 6,500 different languages …

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History of Translation

“Since medieval times, translators were already of great help in the development of languages, shaping national identities and forming scholarships”. Do you know the history of translation? DayTranslations has created a helpful infographic about the history of translation through the ages. Infographic via By Sandra Blanco from  

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Carrying a Single Life: On Literature and Translation

Can we draw a link between the intricate and often modest work of writers and translators, and the bold and costly actions of activists? Is the work of literature connected to the risks some people undertake to save others? I believe so—because acts of language can themselves be acts of courage, just as both literature and activism alert us to the arbitrary and essentially conventional nature of borders. How can literature help us?

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04. German Translation Duel

Two poet-translators use their pens as swords in this duel of words. Join Clare Pollard as Jen Calleja and Annie Rutherford’s translations of contemporary German poet Odile Kennel battle it ...[Read More]

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